October 1st, 2014

“Twitter Is The New On-Air Listener Call.” Hear Versatile Announcer And Program Director Share Thoughts On This And More.

With Greg Rakestraw at 1070/107.5 THE FAN's Tom Dakich Memorial Golf Outing, summer of 2014.

With Greg Rakestraw at 1070/107.5 THE FAN’s Tom Dakich Memorial Golf Outing, summer of 2014.

Pro sports…college sports…high school sports…mainstream sports…or Olympic sports…Greg Rakestraw has announced them all on TV, the internet, and of course radio!

Now as 1070/107.5 THE FAN’s Program Director, he is responsible for the sound of Indy’s most localized station! With a broader appeal than a typical sports station stereotype, Rake says “we serve all comers here on THE FAN.”

Listen to his thoughts on how audience intimacy makes radio special, why sports-radio listeners are valuable for business to advertise to, and how social media compliments radio while broadening audience interaction.

Click here for archives of Rakestraw hosting “Soccer Saturday” heard live weekly at 10am on 1070/107.5.

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September 11 – Another Landmark Effort By 1070

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True For Sports, Mobile Personal Electronic Devices And Media Content Generation. According to Sports Illustrated, in 60 years everything has changed regarding sports in America; and yet nothing much has changed at all. The same certainly could be said about radio and media content delivery overall. Actually, SI special contributor Steve Rushin DID in fact […]

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Unlikely As Consumers/Users Value Free Content Will the internet kill off “regular” over-the-airwaves radio?  I’ve been asked this question dozens and dozens of times in the last decade. My answer?  Uh, no.  And one big reason is radio doesn’t cost you (the listener) anything. Though broadcasters do continue to face challenges in adapting to an […]

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