All Indiana!: It’s The BiCentennial Year — Test Your Knowledge

How Well Do You Know The Hoosier State?  Answer 10 Trivia Questions.

Happy New Year… and Happy Birthday, Indiana!  2016 is the 200 year anniversary of our statehood.

The state has Bicentennial celebrations planned throughout this year to honor our history, and to do so in a modern way that engages Hoosiers and leaves a lasting legacy for future generations.  As such, my “All Indiana!” themed posts in 2016 will have a Bicentennial theme.

And today is a challenge of your ‘Indiana IQ’ with a fun short trivia quiz.  Email me your answers and the person with the most correct ones will receive a Crew Car Wash Book.

  1. What was the first state capital of Indiana?
    1. Vincennes
    2. Corydon
    3. New Albany
  2. Name the four present-day states that made up the Indiana Territory.
    1. Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin
    2. Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio
    3. Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin
  3. “Logs on the bottom” is the meaning of what Indiana town?
    1. Wawasee
    2. Patoka
    3. Loogootee
  4. Which is Indiana’s smallest county (in square miles)?
    1. Vermillion
    2. Ripley
    3. Ohio
  5. What official state motto was adopted in 1937?
    1. “The Crossroads of America”
    2. “Back Home Again”
    3. “Basketball Country”
  6. Name the Indiana state flower?200 YEARS OF HISTORY
    1. carnation
    2. peony
    3. tulip
  7. What is the state bird of Indiana?
    1. cardinal
    2. robin
    3. sparrow
  8. More interstate highways meet in Indiana than in any other U.S. state. How many?
    1. nine
    2. seven
    3. four
  9. What animal appears on the state seal of Indiana?
    1. a cow
    2. a buffalo
    3. a deer
  10. The largest group of prehistoric Indian earthworks in Indiana is located between Newburgh and Evansville. What is it called?
    1. Angel Mounds
    2. Indian Hills
    3. River Mounds