Part 2 – #NoBadRadio

Industry Continues Fun Advice On How Not To Write A Commercial

A few examples of bad radio advertizing.

Tonight the nationwide Radio Mercury Awards, sort of “the Oscars of Radio advertising” established in 1992 to encourage and reward the development of effective and creative Radio commercials, will announce their winners. 

Earlier this year judges for the competition put together this above humorous video on what they don’t want to hear in a Radio ad.  (A couple months ago, I posted the group’s initial video on this topic.)

Most businesses could care less about winning an award – and rightly so, because advertising’s main objective is to win customers & profit; not trophies.  Still many could do well to take advice from industry pros to make their ads more effective.

A bad commercial is wasted money for a business.  What makes a bad Radio commercial?  Often it’s a lack of relevant, valuable information that matters to the target audience and instead a message that’s filled with empty clichés.

Chuckle and enjoy this video — and remember this next time you are responsible for coming up with an ad message… and know that I and Emmis’ Creative Services department can help you.