“It’s About The Relationship With Listeners.” MG Credits Growing Up With 1070, Being Shown The Way.

John Griffin and 1070 THE FAN's Michael Grady
John Griffin and 1070 THE FAN’s Michael Grady

You see him on TV…hear him courtside on the p. a. system during Pacers games…and you might even be one of his more than 15,000 Twitter followers…but Michael Grady still loves radio.

Named to the IBJ’s prestigious “Forty Under 40” list, hired as local television sportscaster and with “The Grady & Big Joe Show” on 1070 THE FAN exploding in popularity, this has been a big year for MG.

Listen to his thoughts on how developing a relationship with the audience, and being authentic with it, is so important – and it’s a little surprising (then again, maybe not) where he learned it!

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