As a Dad, 93WIBC’s Ed Wenck Can Relate

Profiled on “Father’s Day”

Ed Wenck and son Oliver
Ed Wenck and son Oliver

After years on music radio stations as a disc jockey, Ed Wenck ventured in to the afternoon prime time slot on the 50,000 watt news authority this spring.  To introduce himself the first day on the air to this new audience accustomed to straight ahead information delivery, he shared that he has a teenage son who he has “a hard time getting to take out the trash”.  With 28% of WIBC’s audience having kids under 18 years of age and even more having grandchildren, that was instant relatability! 

Yesterday Ed was one of 3 local Dads profiled in the Indianapolis Star to share their perspective on the joys of parenting in the age of Facebook, Twitter and reality TV.  Below is a quick Q&A excerpt with Ed on being a Dad, and you can also read the full story here on Wenck & his 17-year-old son.

What is worse for a dad, when your child starts driving or dating? 

» Ed Wenck:”Yes. Both of the above. His mom was more concerned about the driving. I was more concerned about the dating, because I’m a guy and I know what he’s going to try.”

What is the one thing your dad used to say to you that you swore you’d never say to your own kids, but then heard those exact words coming out of your mouth?

» Ed Wenck: ” ‘Because I said so.’ I actually think I used the word ‘malarkey’ a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to find a proper substitute for the word BS, shall we say, and I actually think I said, ‘Don’t give me any of that malarkey.’… ‘Were you born in a barn? This room is a pig sty.’ The number of cliches that I’ve uttered probably is up in the hundreds now. I’ve tried not to be that guy in the Cosby sweater, but you can’t help it. It’s something about becoming a parent that’s naturally programmed for you to say that stupid stuff.”