Four Stats About Influencer Marketing

Social Media is now an integral part of many of the largest and well-known companies in the world. It allows consumers to interact with the brand – to identify with it, to understand it. Done correctly, social media, like FACEBOOK, can not only improve loyalty among core consumers, but also drive new business and sales.

One of the most effective ways to use Social Media in today’s market is Social Influencers. Young stars of social media are offering brands a low cost and more effective alternative to traditional celebrity or media endorsements.

  • Word-of-mouth is one of the most valuable forms of marketing out there: it’s been shown to influence 20-50% of all purchasing decisions.
  • Influencers opinions are not always seen as endorsements, offering brands the potential to create More Stats about Social influencertrusted peer-to-peer recommendations. Influencers are content creators and storytellers. They offer ‘intimacy’ to a brand.
  • A survey of US teens conducted for Variety last year found YouTube creators took eight of the top 10 spots in a survey of influencers, outranking traditional celebrities like musicians and movie stars.
  • A report by influencer software tool Tomoson found 59% of marketers planned to grow their influence marketing budget.
  • According to Twitter, if a consumer sees a branded tweet, their intent to purchase the item grows 2.7 times. If it’s promoted by both influencer and brand, the intent to purchase increases 5.2 times
  • Consumers feel as though they are friends with these influencers. Their videos, snaps and open-door policy make consumers feel like they’re accessing authentic advice, tips and recommendations from one of their peers


In order for a social media outlet like FACEBOOK to work, it has to be done the right way – understanding the right way to interact with a consumer is as important as the initial interaction. To develop your FACEBOOK identity, we will:

  • Create a customized FACEBOOK account for an advertiser with content, photos and a video welcome by a store representative.
  • Design a custom contest to be housed on each FACEBOOK page to drive listeners to “like” the page – initiating the interaction between you and your customers, as well as support with an initial :10-second ad campaign.
  • Maintain the FACEBOOK page by publishing “updates” and “specials”, as well as uploading pictures on a regular basis and interacting with customers, directing questions directly to the store and assisting in the creation of effective messaging.