Radio DVR-like Tool Now Available To Broadcasters

New Service Gives Listeners Ability To Rewind, Pause, Or Restart A Live Stream From The Beginning Of A Program.

The upcoming 2019 National Association of Broadcasters Show, April 6 – 11 in Las Vegas will mark the North American debut of SGrewind, the latest module in StreamGuys’ live stream repurposing and workflow management system.

The cloud-based platform lets radio broadcasters record, repurpose, replay and rewind their live streams to improve audience experiences and create side channels and podcasts.

(It does not work with AM/FM transmitted audio.)

“SGrewind gives listeners greater control of their live-streamed audio, letting them pause and resume streams without missing any content; rewind to hear something they missed; or start the stream at a specific earlier segment, similar to a television electronic program guide (EPG). For example, mobile consumers can pause a live radio stream will passing through areas with poor connectivity; a listener joining a talk show late could restart from the beginning of the program; or a commuter about to leave home could jump back to the station’s most recent traffic segment,” StreamGuys says.

“SGrewind integrates seamlessly with StreamGuys’ SGreports logging and analytics service to provide details of rewound content within in-depth listener metrics,” the company notes. “SGrewind can leverage SGrecast’s blackout capabilities to prohibit rewinding during rights-restricted content, while upcoming functionality will allow users to selectively purge previously-recorded snippets to prevent replaying of unexpected offensive or legally-sensitive content.”

EVP Jason Osburn notes, “We continue to add new SGrecast features that help broadcasters easily, efficiently and inexpensively repurpose their content, improve audience engagement and deliver more value to their advertisers or sponsors. Enabling listeners to rewind live streams means they can hear more of the station’s content that they might have otherwise missed, benefiting the broadcaster and its advertisers, while giving consumers the convenience of not having to wait until the end of the current program for an archived recording to be published.”

The SGrewind feature of SGrecast is available immediately and will be on display at the NAB Booth: N2524 (ENCO)

This report was originally published last month in the Radio & Television Business Report.