5 Time Management Tips

Straightforward Concepts You Can Implement Today.  Why wait?  Take control.

By John Long, WIBC General Sales Manager

Today’s turbulent business climate makes it hard for companies and individuals to grow & thrive.  Many on-the-job feel overwhelmed with an ever expanding workload and the stress that comes with it.

Making matters worse is the daily bombardment of communication (email, Facebook, Twitter, text messages, etc.) while struggling to get everything done.  Time management has never been more important!

Executive coach, speaker and author CJ McClanahan recently recommended to a WIBC audience the following simple and proven strategies to for prioritizing your day and managing your time.

  1. Plan your week in advance.  Yes you might already use a calendar, but on Monday mornings review it, PRIORITIZE it for 10 minutes.  Know what absolutely has to get done this week and be committed to it!
  2. Put the hardest things highest on your priority list.  It’s easy to be intimidated by something difficult looming over you.  But putting off hard tasks only increases your stack of to-do’s, and your stress.  Ignore that anxiety of what’s hard.  Own it and do it!
  3. Regularly turn off email (and Facebook, Twitter, text messages, etc.) and manage the messages.  Constant communication prevents you from concentrating on any one task for more than a few minutes.  And when messages pile up, it creates a feeling of being overwhelmed.   Set appointments with yourself 4 times a day to review email & social media.  When you get an e-mail respond, delete or file into a folder; in a rare occasion, you will leave a message to be dealt with later.  Have no more than 10 messages in your inbox at the end of every day.
  4. Shut your door (or if you work in a cubicle or shared space, wear headphones/earplugs or get away to a different, quiet place).  Everyone need time to work uninterrupted, especially on things you don’t enjoy but require attention.  Focus!
  5. Let go.  You have enough responsibility already.  Recognize what are things you should not be working on and let others do them.  And if you make a mistake, move on.  Worrying about things in the past saps your energy and mental sharpness.

These are straightforward concepts you can implement today.  Why wait?  Take control.

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