Some XLVI Stats

Plus peek at 1070TheFan’s upcoming coverage.

Yes, the 2012 Super Bowl is set to be a championship pro football game between the New England Patriots vs. the New York Giants.  But really the Super Bowl, the biggest annual domestic media event, is all about exposure for marketing & sales!

Whether it’s the city of Indianapolis using the event as an economic development platform, a national brand using the celebration for existing & prospective client customer entertainment, or an advertiser involved with game-week or in-game broadcast coverage, the exposure a Super Bowl offers for marketing and sales opportunities is a once-in-a-generation type thing for Hoosiers.

All of these scenarios are set to happen within the next 2 weeks, and any local advertiser affiliated with WFNI-1070TheFan gets the benefit of being on Indy’s top sports station which delivers results!

First, a few statistics about Super Bowl XLVI exposure:

  • only 14 American cities have ever hosted this event (others include Atlanta, Dallas-north Texas, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Miami-south Florida, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area and Tampa).  Considering Indy is the 41st largest radio market, this is quite a coup!
  • 180 different countries & territories broadcast the game.  (Only the FIFA World Cup of soccer final is shown in more.)
  • Over 97,000 Central Indiana listeners tune in weekly to 1070TheFan according to Arbitron.  That number is expected to increase tremendously next week as the station broadcasts live on site from Super Bowl related sites from before sun up to after sun down daily next week!
  • over 5,000 working media outlets – including over 400 international journalists – will be credentialed by the NFL & the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee.
  • Approximately 150,000 out of town guests – thousands of whom are business decision makers who’ve never been to Indy – are projected by the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association to descend on the Circle City during Super Bowl week.
  • 1070TheFan’s website – and the corresponding Road To 46 jump page – visitor traffic is projected to receive over 400,000 visits as a result of it’s original Super Bowl content.
  • $3.5million is the cost of each :30second TV commercial according to Forbes.
  • 163 million people in the United States watch the network game broadcast according to the Nielsen Company.

The Big Game’s unparalleled exposure for marketing & sales is indisputable.  And WFNI’s local radio coverage of it will be unmatched.

ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike, heard 6a-10a weekday mornings on 1070TheFan will originate from downtown Indy’s Pan Am Plaza the week of the Super Bowl.  ESPN senior coordinating producer Seth Markman said the public square with Lucas Oil Stadium as a backdrop “is going to be a huge meeting place for the fans” of the show who are encouraged to come watch Mike & Mike live and in person.

But WFNI’s locally produced Super Bowl related programming is what will really set it apart from other media competitors!

While other sports stations will remain largely in syndicated shows, music radio stations play song after song, and local TV stations return to daytime scandalous talk shows & soap operas, 1070TheFan will be live with exclusive interviews on location at the NFL Experience & downtown hotels the remainder of each day with the Grady & Big Joe show, The Dan Dakich Show and The Ride With JMV.  Especially unique insight is expected from Grady & Big Joe co-host Joe Staysniak, who has participated in the Super Bowl as both a player and broadcaster.

With this commitment to covering Indy’s big event, it’s not surprising 1070TheFan out draws listeners of all other local sports stations combined by a 10-to-1 margin.

Tune in and enjoy all that is about Indianapolis’ 2012 Super Bowl!