While the 50,000 watt daytime signal at 1070 AM has operated successfully for many years, the nighttime signal – especially on the north side of the Indianapolis metro area – has remained a tough spot. Once the sun sets, listeners in Hamilton County and surrounding areas are underserved by 1070’s coverage, even though the signal still stretches far south, west, and east.

The answer?  Simulcast the shows on the FM dial.

By installing a translator at 107.5 FM, this allows THE FAN to broadcast local sports talk shows and sports play-by-play to all areas of the wider Indianapolis metro area at full strength, night or day.

And listeners prefer the fidelity of the FM band, making AM much more of a “destination” for those who want to hear THE FAN’s content, so the audience grows by being on FM.  It is comparable to a retail store that is in or near a shopping mall versus being out in the country by itself… sure, if you have good product people will come to you anywhere; but if you are located in an easy-to-get-to place, then you’ll have more customers.